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Mergers & acquisitions support in India.

Looking to increase profitability and expand to a larger market? Our mergers & acquisitions (M&A) support teams can help you to grow your business rapidly without taking a toll on operations, marketing, or sales strategy.

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How Acclime
can help

Undertaking an acquisition requires complex preparations. It involves cleaning of balance sheets, auditing financial statements, evaluating products or services performance, reducing fringe benefits, and eliminating conflict of interests. Both buying or selling parties will do an initial due diligence and expect to see clean records and flawless systems.

Acclime is an expert in navigating the regulatory and compliance waters when buying or selling companies across borders. We can provide support for all stages of M&A projects.

We assist buyers with commercial & strategic advice, market benchmark studies, financial & tax due diligences, public records checking, and writing of corresponding reports.

Acquiring a local player with an established customer base isn’t just a means of gaining immediate scale inorganically, it is an opportunity to generate deep insights into an existing business in real-time. We are experts in gauging the benefits of the time, price arbitrage and presenting synergies that align well with both companies’ business expansion objectives. Our team has successfully executed a wide range of end-to-end M&A / JV transactions across industries and advised our foreign clients on matters of stake dilution, hurdle rates, acquisition strategy and tactical ownership models including calibrated buyouts etc.

Our Transaction Services Practice has highly experienced professionals with a successful track record for closing cross border deals in Pharma, Industrial, Engineering, Auto Components, Consumer Durables, and many other business sectors.

Some of our key projects include:

  • Facilitated the acquisition of 6 regional housekeeping companies on behalf of the largest facilities management company in Europe
  • Assisted a French pharmaceutical company to acquire a human vaccines company in Hyderabad. The transaction value was almost sometime 150 million USD
  • Aided acquisition of a plastic injection moulding company in north India on behalf of a US brand
  • Devised an acquisition strategy for a European water treatment chemical company
  • Serviced an acquisition deal for an automotive components company
  • initiated and executive a strategic takeover of a listed entity in India over a period of 7 years on behalf of a French starch company
  • Helped a large Austrian conglomerate to set up a food processing plant in Pune after helping them buyout an existing food processing facility

Get through an elaborate
and complex M&A procedure.

Flawless activation

We ensure that your M&A goes through the correct processes and sequences of incorporation, compliance, and entity activation (Inc. accounting, tax, banking & payroll) without delay.

Global expansion expertise

We can provide support with complex international deals while aligning your business with local compliance and regulations.

Full operational readiness

You never have to worry about holding recruitment, issuing invoices, or leaving your business in limbo during an M&A deal. We cover you so that operations continue unabated.

Mergers & acquisitions support

Providing essential M&A support.

Our M&A support services.

    • Initial assessment
    • Commercial due diligence support / strategic advisory
    • Financial and tax due diligence
    • Financial statement analysis
    • Compliance risk profile assessment
    • M&A deal structuring
    • Financing support
    • Private equity (PE) fundraising support
    • Management buy-ins (MBI) and management buy-outs (MBO) support
    • Negotiations support
    • Business valuation support
    • Legal entity set-up
    • Bank account set-up
    • Company registration
    • Business licensing
    • Tax registrations
    • Accounting
    • Tax compliance
    • Share or asset transfer registration
    • Post-deal registrations
    • Taxation support (calculation, optimization, negotiation with tax office)
    • Temporary employment during transition periods of asset deals
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