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Client story

Our ATV client wanted to expand its vehicles for emerging markets

We were able to advise a global ATV manufacturer on the optimum vehicle specificatons to break into the India market and other emerging markets.

A global leader in the ATV business was eyeing for a bigger play in the Indian market. Since they already had an established global platform for ATV’s, we enabled them to partner with a large Indian CV manufacturer to introduce a new vehicle in a new segment in the Indian market.

The existing chassis & framework technology was utilized to develop two new vehicles for the semi urban and rural markets. One primarily for goods carriage and the other for passenger transportation. This enabled the ATV manufacturer to open up a different segment of the market for themselves and the learning is now being adapted in other emerging markets to develop similar vehicles.

We at Acclime look at the latent potential that emanates from the Indian market and enable global companies to utilize their exiting technology & experience to innovate & facilitate new product development for emerging economies.

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