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Business analytics services in India.

Acclime helps clients unlock unique insights through rich data points that can be used to structure cutting edge customer strategy that solves actual problems. Our end-to-end service strives to optimize the value chain.

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Value chain optimisation process

Harness intelligence in India.

1. Data warehousing and business intelligence tools

2. Data mining and analytics

3. Business process management (BPM)

4. Strategic Enterprise Management Tools (SEM)

5. Supply chain planning, optimization and monitoring systems, e-Business solutions for manufacturing distribution industry.

6. IT services such as training on ERP systems, future technologies and career development programs

Business analytics services

Address any supply chain issues with Acclime.

Our analytics programs are designed to address business problems across the supply chain from sourcing to selling. We have divided it into three key data science programs around the key components of the supply chain.

Three business analytics programmes.

  • Customer lifecycle management (e-CRM)

    We partner with clients to identify, acquire, and develop profitable customer relationships. Our expertise lies in developing long term value propositions for customer acquisition, retention, and growth by using data across the entire lifecycle of a portfolio of customers. Using advanced analytics tools, we offer the best price point recommendations across market segments to maximise profitability.

    Vendor relationship management

    Sourcing is one of the key functions in the manufacturing–distribution set up and has a high impact on the financial performance of an organisation. Our sourcing research and tools help our clients to improve their supplier base, develop effective win strategies and also design specific procurement programs for their vendors.

    Performance and operations management

    We help our clients bring efficiency to their processes through data analytics around predictive maintenance models. Our research allows clients to predict machinery failure at a time when it can be most cost effective to prevent the breakdown. These models have been developed using analytical tools such as pattern recognition, neural networks etc. We help increase productivity by improving yield, reducing re-work and lead times.

    Our clients can use our tools to integrate quality management systems with the outsourced manufacturing network, resulting in better quality delivered at lower throughput and reduced levels of customer complaints.


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