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Acclime helps India businesses to understand the marketplace and possibilities for expansion into other emerging markets, or lucrative established markets globally. To make this happen, we help build thorough market strategies by determining size of market, the competition, pricing, regulations, and taxes.

Plan your global expansion with a partner you can trust.

The global marketplace is fast paced and information driven. Learning quickly and moving at the speed of business change are critical skills for companies moving into new emerging markets.

For smaller companies we have a value proposition structured around a low cost, light asset startup model to test the market they intend to go to before making any substantive investments. We help our clients mitigate not just the risks of setting up in a new market but also help save costs & time to set up. Today local markets are thronged with global competition, which drives us to help companies to leverage their low cost advantages to better serve global markets.

We specialise in helping international companies expand to emerging markets, where it is vitally important for our clients to understand the marketplace and possibilities for expansion. To make this happen, we build thorough market strategies for each country by determining size of market, the competition, pricing, regulations, and taxes. The product adaptation and customization which happens as per need gaps, helps the client to replicate the success into other meaningful emerging markets.

China+1 strategy

India has seen a tremendous upsurge from investors from many American and European countries along with few other developed countries like Japan and Korea to develop and diversify their supply chains from China. However, if China is at the heart of your overseas expansion plan, your business needs a more diversified plan. Southeast Asia is an attractive diversification destination for many businesses in the Greater China region. This region consists of over 600 million consumers, and its combined economy represents 29% of global GDP. With diverse business opportunities across multiple sectors like IT, FMCG, Automobile, Manufacturing etc., South East Asia can prove to be a strategic addition to your business expansion plan. We ensure our clients are well prepared to face various challenges while entering Southeast Asia market and have the right answers to the pertinent questions so that they get the best out of their business in South East Asia.

Agrochemicals, building products, logistics, packaging and new-age technology including electronics are few of the industry sectors where there is an increasing interest to divest from China.


Well connected with our trusted international partners, we offer fully customized services to your business for market entry & expansion into global markets. Moreover, the regulatory environment in China leaves room for operational uncertainties that can be easily maneuverer by picking a suitable Asian alternative.

Here’s where a well-thought-out India play may prove to be beneficial. Not only does the region offer some of the lowest labor costs in the subcontinent, but India also boasts of a highly skilled diversified workforce that can be entrusted with a variety of operations. This capability coupled with growth in digital connectivity, infrastructure development and access to the world’s largest growing middle class provide a unique opportunity to most global players looking for new markets to scale.

Our team of experienced professionals can help your business achieve success in Asia with comprehensive market research, strategy development, and local partnerships.

Low-risk exploration

Acclime’s consutants will work with you on building an expansion strategy that helps you identify and mitigate financial and compliance risks in any of the markets you want to expand to.

Better control

We assist you develop and implement key metrics to track and measure your progress, suggesting changes in strategy where prudent.

Lower costs

We help you save time and money with efficient budgeting and forecasting, and enable your business to leverage its low cost advantages.

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