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Tax compliance services
in India.

Our reliable corporate tax compliance services keep you ahead of your tax obligations. We are well experienced in working with all the relevant authorities, and we will complete your tax filing obligations on time, accurately report your assessable income, and help minimise your tax liabilities.

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Stay on top of your tax compliance.

On-time filings & returns

We take responsibility for preparing, calculating and filing your returns accurately and punctually, helping you to always stay compliant, and to avoid penalties for late submission.

Always up-to-date

Our tax team constantly monitors and adapts to any changes in tax regulations, so you do not have to – both locally in India and on the regional level for companies operating across Asia.

Strategic tax advisory

Alongside meeting your statutory tax obligations, we can offer strategic tax advice on optimising your tax spendings, decreasing the risk of double taxation, tax incentive systems and more.
Corporate & personal annual tax compliance

Our tax compliance services.

Corporate tax compliance.

  • Monthly government service tax (GST) filing

    Each month we receive the expenses overview by an agreed date. We then prepare and submit your monthly GST returns, including verification of Input GST receipts received by the company (maximum number of receipts per month) and prepare the monthly consolidated report.

    We issue GST invoices per specific instructions (where required, through a visit to local tax authorities), and send to the company or to relevant customers (separate charges may apply). Where applicable we will advise on cost-efficient measures such as bundling all sales into one GST invoice on a per client per month basis. We also assist in applying for tax rebates due when exporting.


  • Quarterly corporate income tax

    We specialise in preparing your quarterly corporate income tax (CIT) filing. We coordinate with the local tax office and act as your company’s tax liaison.


  • Annual tax reconciliation, clearance and inspection

    We make all the preparations and arrange for the annual tax report and settlement. We also arrange for annual inspections with key statutory bodies.


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Personal tax compliance.

  • Personal income tax

    We assist you to calculate, record and submit your monthly personal income tax (PIT) filing, and also take care of the annual tax filing and returns for expatriates.

    Generally speaking, tax returns are filed by an employer on a monthly basis, and individual income tax is withheld by employers for direct payment to the tax authorities. Let our tax team take the strain of keeping you compliant.

    Monthly, Annually

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