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indiTESP solutions to sales and distribution in India.

Our tech-enabled sales platform (indiTESP) offers an ideal solution to companies looking to develop a sales and distribution network. Our in-depth market insights allow foreign firms to gain a larger perspective and alter their sales, marketing, inventory, and distribution strategies accordingly.

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Take the steep learning curve out of your sales and distribution stragegy.

Gain perspective

Acclime will provide you with all the insights you need to make key adjustments to sales and distribution strategies through tech-enabled tools.

Avoid problems

Acclime ensures you steer away from the many unique problems of the import distribution landscape in India: product duplication, lack of transparency, poor post-sale service, etc.

Build intelligence

With Acclime’s analytics and insights, you can grow in confidence and enjoy growing customer satisfaction. Our tools provide the keys to taking control of your operations in India.

indiTESP services

Hand-holding for improving efficiency to meet demand.

Our innovative tech enabled sales platform (indiTESP) is designed to help companies entering the India market understand how to best build a sales and distribution network and strategy in the often challenging local context.

Tech-enabled sales platform services.

  • Our process includes:

    Product evaluation

    Consumers here are highly value conscious and demand driven. We help you identify the product categories that would be best suited to the Indian consumer psyche, keeping typical consumer buying patterns and industry dynamics in mind. This forms a major part of our market research and competitive intelligence/benchmarking etc.

    Market launch

    With extensive market knowledge, we help you launch your product in the market by identifying the right channels, at the right time. We closely monitor consumer demand across demographic segments to accurately predict sales volume. This is done keeping your preferred marketing mix for reaching customers, be it online or offline channels.

    Distribution channels/networks

    Establishing a distribution network to ensure smooth flow of products from the factory to the customer’s doorstep. This is an integral part of your import operations. With indiTESP, we help you locate key players in each state based on consumer preferences, logistics cost, etc. Our detailed study will help you identify the optimal mix that ensures smooth product flow and reduce transportation costs.

    Sales analytics

    With the help of Acclime’s sales analytics, you can have increased visibility into your import operations. You can closely monitor sales volume across various distribution channels through our real-time dashboard. This gives you complete control over inventory so that they are managed efficiently to meet customer demands.

    Consumer insights

    Having worked with various Fortune 500 companies, our management understands the importance of reliable and unconditional customer insights. At indiTESP, we are fully committed to handholding you and your customers to create an unmatched user experience. We take full responsibility for how your Indian consumers perceive you to help you grow.


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