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Distribution & sales partnership in India.

Acclime offers a partnership to American and European companies to create an array of marketing and sales solutions across many product categories.

Company secretary in Hong Kong

Build everything from supply chain to after sales service with Acclime.

Strong partnership

We can enter into an actual partnership to take responsibility for driving your sales and marketing activities across India, whether your product needs physical distribution, online portals and networks, or both.

Comprehensive services

Acclime’s comprehensive market expansion services enable you to use our targeted services to set up logistics, supply chain and distribution in an expanding market using our existing logistic and distribution infrastructure.

Minimised risk

We understand American and European businesses seeking to expand sales to India. Our goal is to help them become established with sustainable growth and then facilitate our client taking over the entire operation.

Distribution, marketing & sales services

Trust our experts to deliver the sales channels and results you expect.

Our extensive experience of assisting and partnering with American and European firms to create successful sales imports into India means we have an established network across India and a deep understanding of the client’s needs.

Sales & distribution partnerships.

  • We help American & European businesses create a complete array of marketing and sales services across product categories by:

    Partnering directly with clients
    Helping clients set up industry and product-specific third party distribution (regional and national)
    Taking responsibility for all marketing issues with American & European brands, including:
    • De-facto sales office in India
    • Technical sales
    • Appointing and managing regional and national distributors
    • Corporate branding
    • Service after sales support
    • Create and manage online presence through specific portals and distribution platforms
    Toll manufacturing

Building logistics, supply chain & distribution.

  • Setting up logistics, a supply chain and distribution in an expanding market is hard. Using our existing logistic and distribution infrastructure with a partner, during startup and in the first few years, is easy for us. Our comprehensive market expansion services enable you to use our targeted services such as:

    Customs clearance and handling
    Importation documentation
    Repackaging and labeling
    Warehouse management

indiTESP consulting service.

  • Product Duplication, lack of transparency by importers and distributors and poor after-sales service are a few of the many issues global brands have to face in India. Additionally, company leadership rarely has visibility over regional business nuances and sector-specific legislation and compliances.

    We have devised our indiTESP consulting programme to help companies enter the Indian market without under-going an extravagant learning curve. Through indiTESP we offer a tech-driven solution as a service to aid companies looking to develop a sales and distribution network. With our in-depth market insights, foreign players can gain a larger perspective and alter their sales, marketing, inventory, and distribution strategies accordingly.

    Product demand analysis and evaluation
    Market launch monitoring
    Detailed study of optimised distribution channels/network
    Sales analytics
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