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Formation guides.

Understand contract manufacturing in India, the ways it is beneficial for international companies and how to identify an ideal manufacturer.
If you are feeling apprehensive about the risks of tapping into India as a new market, this article provides you with some helpful insights.
In this guide, we explain how manufacturing plants are set up, the benefits of a manufacturing plant in India and what the leading sectors are.
This article overviews a few methods of financing the Indian subsidiaries of foreign shareholders with a view to repatriation of profits.
India has become an attractive location for FDI. This guide explains why the Indian market is appealing to European investors in particular.
This article outlines specific ways in which foreign businesses can establish and structure their foreign-owned operations in India.
Explore the variety of business structures foreign companies can choose when setting up their presence in India. Choosing well is important.
We have highlighted the five biggest challenges business will face when setting up and running their operations in India.
Discover how foreign entities setting up a subsidiary in India have two options depending on the parent’s capital and learn how it is done.
There are many reasons why foreign businesses should consider expanding their operations into India. We have listed some of the most important.